Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) exercise well received in Kilolo and Kondoa districts

Sikika’s 2016 Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) exercise has been well received by stakeholders - citizens, citizens’ representatives (councilors) and local government authorities in Kondoa (Dodoma) and Kilolo (Iringa) districts.

The exercise aims at empowering local civic actors (citizens, CSOs) to hold to account service providers by monitoring the five steps of public resource management. The process involves conducting an analysis of the 5 key steps and asking pertinent questions

Step 1; Planning and Resource Allocation What resources are available/ were made available to officials? How do they plan or how were they planned to be used?
Step 2; Expenditure management – How effectively were the public funds spent?

Step 3; Performance management – How do service providers perform in implementing their plans?

Step 4; Public Integrity – What mechanisms exist to prevent and what corrective actions were taken in response to misuse and abuse of public resources? (If any occurred)

Step 5; Oversight – Are service providers called to account by oversight bodies for their performance?   

Below are some photographs capturing some of the moments during the implementation of SAM in the two districts

Sikika’s Director of Programs Mr. Patrick Kinemo introducing Sikika to Kondoa Councilors at the Full Council meeting before the selection SAM team councilor representatives.

Sikika’s Director of Programs Mr. Patrick Kinemo congratulating two newly selected SAM team councilor representatives Hon. Jamila & Hon. Bashiru. 

From left, Iringa Regional Medical Officer, Regional Administrative Secretary, Acting District Executive Director and Sikika’s Head of Field Office (Dodoma) discussing Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) in Kilolo district. 
The Kondoa District Executive Director Mr. Kibasa Falesy Mohamed giving a word of encouragement to the Kondoa team. He urged the team to be mindful that they have a duty to assist his office in the health sector. He added that he has invited Sikika to Kondoa because SAM will help his office to highlight areas of improvement.  

Nyanzwa village Chairman Mr. Samson Masambuli chairing a village meeting aimed at electing a Kilolo SAM team representative.
A Mnenia village resident in Kondoa submitting her vote.

SAM team member Ms. Upendo Mponzi listing community priorities during SAM  training in Kilolo district.

Kilolo SAM Team members on CCHP analysis. 

A PLHIV chairperson Ms. Shamila Insisting on the importance of community participation in the development Of District Strategic Plans during SAM team training in Kondoa district. 

Sikika's Head of Programs Ms. Alice Monyo elaborating on levels of citizen participation at community level in the development of Strategic Plans during SAM team training in Kondoa district. 
SAM team in Kilolo district perusing through some documents at a health facility.
SAM team members discussing with Health workers after inspecting a sterilizer at Kilolo dispensary during field verification. 
A SAM team member turned on the taps at Kising’a dispensary in Kilolo district and discovered no water runs out of them. 

Health worker, Stephano Eusebio (R) at Utengule Dispensary showing a team member a place to wash hands. 

Village chairperson (Center) explaining on the 4 years pending construction of Mlafu dispensary to SAM team members in Kilolo district.  

A SAM team member inspecting a rubbish pit at a health facility in Kilolo district.  

SAM team found a beehive on top of the roof inside Itimbo dispensary in Kilolo District.  

SAM team inspecting an incinerator at Kisin’ga dispensary in Kilolo district.