Tuesday, April 4, 2017

SAM: We Are Now in Kilwa District - LINDI

Sikika is currently facilitating Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) in Kilwa district, Lindi region. We do facilitate SAM exercise in health sector in order to ensure direct civic participation in exacting accountability.  Read our SAM Step-byStep booklet here.    
Chairman of the Kilwa District Council Hon. Abuu Mussa Mjaka  giving opening remarks during Councilors’ meeting
Anastazia Loi was elected to represent Kivinje ward in Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) training.
A citizen of Pande  Ward  posing a question regarding SAM exercise before the election process.
A citizen of Kivinje Ward elaborating a point before nominating a SAM team representative candidate
Elected SAM representative: Shaweji S. Suwedi happy to represent his Njinjo Community

Kilwa District Commissioner, Christopher Ngubiagai officiating SAM Stakeholders Meeting. He insisted  “ Lets commend Sikika, I have witnessed the results of their initiative” he insisted.

Sikika’s Head of Field Office Mr. Richard Msittu elaborating a point to Health Stakeholders during the SAM Stakeholders Meeting. 

Sikika’s Head of Field Office Mr. Richard Msittu empowering the first SAM team in Kilwa to exert accountability. 

Adinani Kopakopa listing down his expectations from #SAMTZ training in #Kilwa district-Lindi.

Kilwa District CSOs representative Mr. Ibrahim Sota, highlighting what the citizens should request for when conducting SAM exercise. 

Anastazia Loi drawing a SAM model  during the ongoing SAM training in Kilolo District.

Councillor for Special Seats Pande Ward Hon. Rukia Jamadali presenting today during training in .

Team Members analysing a CCHP 2015/2016 as a preparation for field verification visits.

SAM exercise has been extended to Kilwa, after being proven in the previous Strategic Plan (2011/2015) to be the best approach for building accountability and ensuring quality health services for all.

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